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Responsible Sourcing

BP&D International procures agricultural commodities around the world, and our vast supply chain has a direct impact on the land use and biodiversity of those regions, as well as the lives of individuals living and working there. Some of our sourcing regions are at a particular risk for deforestation and human rights violations. Our policies and commitments related to these issues apply to our entire supply chain with implementation activities focusing first on high-risk geographies.

In addition, we leverage our experience in responsible sourcing practices to enhance local communities’ access to clean water and sanitation (as part of our commitment to human rights) and sustainable agriculture practices.


Building a More Sustainable Agricultural Value Chain

We are the foundation of food on tables the world over – flavoring culture, forwarding health and wellness, and venturing into new possibilities and discoveries for human and animal nutrition. Creating value through the entire supply chain gives us the opportunity to help build a more sustainable food system.

Global Presence

With products from US based processing plants with USDA inspected and FSIS approved.

Vertical Integration

Encompassing the entire value chain of the agricultural commodity business, from processing, to branding, merchandising and distribution.

USDA & SGS Inspection

Using state of the art imaging technology and on-site staff to ensure the highest quality products.

Sustainability Commitments

BP&D International has set forth several key social and environmental commitments and policies that collectively outline our expectations for our colleagues, business partners and contractors, and our organization as a whole with respect to our sourcing operations. They establish clear standards that govern our approach to raw material sourcing, environmental stewardship and employee conduct, among other areas, and they state our positions on issues of widespread public interest.

Global leader in the procurement and export of meat, poultry, pork, seafood, and vegetable products, and their respective derivatives. Sustainably sourced and guaranteed to the highest American standards. BP&D International supplies local and global markets with premium commodities such as Beef, Grain, Sugar, Pork, Chicken, and Seafood. Your international partner for agricultural commodity supply chain delivery.

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